Dr. Lucinda Blue published by The Nontrad Journal

On its most recent edition, The Nontrad Journal published an article that included by Dr. Lucinda Blue’s perspectives on opportunities and challenges for the adult student to thrive.

Dr. Blue serves as Interim Chair, Business Administration & Economics Department and Assistant Professor of Business Evening and Online at Metropolitan College of Professional Studies.

Among other reflections, Dr. Blue discusses in her piece that “adult learners are change agents, who apply their knowledge to everyday living for themselves, their families, and their communities. Their learning implications are extremely profound for engaging and networking to pursue lifelong academic trajectory.”

Additional information about adult learners has been written in the article entitled “College and Life Success for the Adult Learners”. This article was published in the October 2018, Volume 18 of The Nontrad Journal, which is a peer-reviewed journal for ANTSHE, the Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education.

Johnson C. Smith University is an active and leading member of ANTSHE, represented by Metropolitan College of Professional Studies.

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