JCSU’s Metropolitan College of Professional Studies supports the Latino comunity

Charlotte, NC. October 1, 2018. Johnson C. Smith University’s Metropolitan College of Professional Studies attended for the fourth year in a row the 2018 Latin American Excelente Awards. This was a remarkable occasion to continue strengthening the partnerships and collaborations that JCSU has developed throughout the years with the Latino community in Charlotte.

Statistics shared during the event revealed the importance of making sure that organizations in the community are ready to interact and serve the Latino demographics. According to the United States Census, the population growth in North Carolina from 2010 to 2016, shows that the Latino sector is growing at a more than double rate than the general population. The numbers indicate that the Latino growth is 14% versus 6% for the general population. Furthermore, the average age of the population in North Carolina is 24 years old for Latinos, compared to 41 years old for the general population.

Dr. Laura Colson McLean, Dean of Metropolitan College of Professional Studies said that “we would like to continue collaborating with the Latino community and supporting initiatives that provide access to education and equity for all in the community.”

This year the College’s table counted with the enthusiastic presence of Dr. Kelli Rainey; Dr. Quinn Lacy, Dr. Takeem Dean, Dr. David Luciano; Dr. Terza Lima-Neves and Mr. Luis Neves; and Mrs. Irene Sandoval Arce. Together, the group held high the gold and blue and made sure to connect with friends and partners during the event.

In 2013, Johnson C. Smith University’s President, Dr. Ronald L. Carter, was awarded the “La Noticia Newspaper Excelente Award” as the Non Latin Person Most Supportive of the Latino Community. This year, among the honorees, was Mr. Federico Rios, Manager of International and Integration Affairs at City of Charlotte, with whom Metropolitan College of Professional Studies has developed several joint initiatives during recent years.


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