Metropolitan College’s student triumphs on debate contest

More than 20 universities across North Carolina participated in the NCICU’s “Ethics and the Law” debate tournament Feb. 18, 2017. Our Golden Bulls won three of four tournament rounds in the Raleigh competition, earning their highest seat to date! Judges attributed JCSU’s wins to research and statistics, professionalism and their strong team unity.

This year’s winning team, led by senior Joshua Fernandez, spent months researching and deliberating 11 legal cases to prepare for the competitive debates in Raleigh. Nearing the tournament, the team lost Myracle Stevenson (a third-year team veteran) due to her obligations as Miss JCSU, which opened an unexpected starting position for freshman Keith Gillespie, a Sit Lux Scholar from Michigan.

Jana Ajdukovic, an international student-athlete from Croatia, was a statistical smoking gun for the team and senior Navil Elizondo impressed North Carolina lobbyists and lawyers as “someone going places,” after hearing her closing
arguments. Fernandez anchored the team in competition, but went beyond that, organizing and leading all team practices and mentoring new members, including the debate team’s first Metropolitan College member, Marvaleeta Blye (see on the right on picture below). Congratulations to the Debate Team for holding high the Gold and Blue!

JCSU's Debate Team. February, 2017

JCSU’s Debate Team. February, 2017

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