“I am Venah, and I want to finish what I started”

Life changes. We change. Challenges come and go, as well as opportunities. Venah Stalling is one of our students whom we commend for her perseverance and bravery at giving her education as many chances as needed. It might not have been your time a while ago… but what if your chance is today? We invite you to learn more about Venah Stalling’s testimonial on her second attempt to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

Venah Stalling. Business Management Major at JCSU's Metropolitan College.

Venah Stalling. Business Management Major at JCSU’s Metropolitan College.

I am Venah Stalling and I am majoring in Business Management at JCSU’s Metropolitan College of Professional Studies. I have a 17 year old son who is a senior at Charlotte Secondary School and a 10 year old daughter who is at Joseph W. Grier Academy.  I work as a property manager part-time and a full-time singer working on an album and managing my band named Jemini June and the Galaxy, where I am the lead singer. I am also a DJ, event host, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and a branded bartender. That’s a lot, I know!  I am focused on branding my talents. I love hosting parties and entertaining my loved ones.

I first enrolled in Metropolitan College in 2011 studying Criminology.  At the time, school seemed like an inconvenience up against what day to day life was requiring of me.  My organization skills were not the best and it seemed as though I was getting bounced around. I just didn’t think college as an adult was for me.  I struggled to get in the groove of things and felt like I didn’t fit in, which clearly showed in my grades. I withdrew after only about a year.

However, I decided to re-enroll again in 2016.  Some good friends of mine had graduated from JCSU’s Metropolitan College and I attended my first tailgate during homecoming as a guest.  I remember thinking, “this feels different than it did before”.  My friends bragged about their successes and they ultimately inspired me to give it another try, but this time with a new major.  So far, my organization and communication is better.  I feel assured that there is someone appointed to each area of schooling who can assist me if I have a snag.  I feel more guided and that I fit in a college campus at age 35. I enjoy visiting the campus and feel that faculty and staff seem to be held more accountable. I feel that I am being pointed in the right direction.

Venah 2Having so many moving parts in my life, I needed education without a hassle or compromising my daily activities as an adult student.  Metropolitan College of Professional Studies fits now because it has been simplified, yet it is still demanding and effective.

In the future I would like to have many businesses that I own and even manage some of them.  I am currently working towards opening my first brick and mortar business next year, a bar and a lounge. My degree is giving me the confidence that I need to bring together my knowledge, skills, and my experience with real life.

Thanks for allowing me to share.


Venah Stalling


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